Slot Racing World Championships

ISRA 2010 - USA

Event Management

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International Slot Racing Association

ISRA World Championships

ISRA World Championships are presented in the spirit of promoting open class slot racing. These extremely talented racers represent their teams and countries at this highly competitive eight day event.

The eurosport and formula-1 classes use spring steel chassis intricately cut by an wire EDM process. Matched with high powered DC voltage motors and watchmaker like craftsmanship produce slot cars at the pinnacle of ultra high performance.

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Flat Course Race Tracks

Mid-America 'Monster'
Mid-America 'Monster'

Flat track used for the ISRA 2010 world championships.

The basically flat course tracks offer the highest degree of difficulty for the racers. Bank tracks are not technically challenging so flat road courses are required for these events.

Each of the 8 lanes can provide over 20 amps of power at over 13 volts DC.

The durable epoxy painted surface is prepared by spraying the turns with a fine glue mixture enabling a rubber build-up to provide traction.

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Eurosport Racing Classes

ES:24 Podium
1:24 Eurosport Podium

The two eurosport classes showcase the quickest 1:24 and 1:32 scale slot cars racing on technically challenging flat road course tracks.

The 1:32 scale formula-1 race features open wheel, open class slotcars which are truely challenging to control in competition.

The 1:24 scale production class is a single slotcar two driver team race.

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1:24 Scale Eurosport Final

1:24 Eurosport Final Heat

This is the last heat in the 2010 ISRA Worlds Championships. The podium cars that are shown on this page are all running in this final heat.

ISRA 2010 - USA

19th Annual ISRA World Championships

The world's elite racers from 16 countries competed on the Roger Schmitt designed Gerding 148′ “Midwest Monster” flat track.